Friday, August 15, 2008

Students lifestyle

Every morning they come to school but their never know why and what for they come,just a few off them understanding about their job.When you ask them,why you come-their answer is "i want to anjoy here.My father angree and hate me if i didnt come to school".If this happent to you- what can you say.....???

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Malay Students

When we talk about Malay Students- it's very bad news for many people but when we make a real resouses ,the Malay Students are very good person becouse their are have a lot of targeting and focusing and very helpfull to their teachers.But this students have many money problem ,maybe their famillies cannot have good money income

Honest students

There will be a very good malay student but know we cannot easy to find them becouse many students are liar.


Do you know about bad student?Why they bad?Who teach them become to the bad student?Why they come to school?What their parents did?How can we help them?Please try our formula,it's very effective....
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